Capturing special moments

“All photos are taken with love”


3D Cast

Capturing your special hands and feet

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Memorizing your special moments

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Capturing your special moments

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Skydress photoshoot

Capturing your special moment of your beauty

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Pregnancy Package

capturing your special moment during pregnancy

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At the hospital

Capturing your special moment during pregnancy

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New born

Capturing special moments of new born

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Twins photoshoot

Capturing special moments of your twins

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Sitting age 6,7,8, months photoshoot

Capturing special moments when your baby starts to sit

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Birthday sessions (1 year and 2 years)

Capturing special moments of birthdays

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Ages 3 years and over

Capturing special moment of your children

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The full amount is paid on the day of the photo session, either by cash upon attendance.
Later payments or upon receipt of photos are not accepted.

New born photoshoot

New born  photoshoot
Important to read

Newborns are photographed in the first two weeks of birth, because they are can be in a deep sleep and can be placed in photographic positions easily due to the softness of their muscles.
- The newborn should be awakened an hour or two before the photo session and bathed so that he sleeps when the photoshoot starts.
Milk and a change in the newborn must be sufficient for two to three hours.
- The shooting area will be warmed to ensure the safety of your newborn, so make sure to wear light and cool clothes.
- The photographer determines the appropriate positions for the photography according to her experience with the newborn's response to it.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
 Reservations are made by communicating with Instagram Direct or by email, and then you will be contacted via WhatsApp to confirm.
The appointment will not be confirmed without a non-refundable deposit in case of cancellation of 300 AED for all packages.
While a circumstance has occurred that prevents you from attending, you can change the date of the session, provided that you contact us at least two days before the date of the session, provided that the second date is the same month.
Commitment to the agreed time for the photo session is very important.


Hello !

Welcome to my page, I am Khaoula, a French/Tunisian expat passionate about photography for more than 10 years.

I created in 2020 during the pandemic Mohastudio, it is a photography service focused on newborn, kids, maternity and family photography delivering service at the comfort of your home or/and outdoor.

From Travel/Landscape photography to Family photography all started when I gave birth to my daughter Sandra, I was in tight budget so I could not call a professional photographer to take her newborn photos, I started taking her photos since day 1 and when Covid started, I start taking courses to become professional photographer.

I took Kelly brown courses to know how to capture the beauty of newborn.

If you would like to have your baby photographed by someone who is knowledgeable and certified for baby posing and safety, and takes all precautions to keep your baby safe during this covid pandemic then do have a look at my work.

I expanded my work to capture your special moment from pregnancy photoshoot till family photoshoot.

My prices reflects the level of care and attention you and your baby will get from me for sure, and I also care about your pocket.

I hope I can be the chosen photographer of your family, to capture every special moment you will experience !


  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates