Welcome to Mohastudio

Let us introduce ourselves!

We are an International Female Photographers Team.

We are specialised in Newborn, Kids, Maternity and Family photography.

We offer tailored service in our studio located in the heart of Dubai outdoor or/and the comfort of your home all over UAE.

We love creating special moments during the photoshoot, for the parents to keep and for the kids when they grow up, they will always choose us .

If you would like to have your baby photographed by someone who is knowledgeable, certified for baby posing and safety, and takes all precautions to keep your baby safe during this covid pandemic then do have a look at our work.

Our prices reflects the level of care and attention you and your baby will get from us for sure, and we also care about your pocket.

Terms and Conditions

This agreement contains the entire understanding between Mohastudio and the customer.

It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements

What to do before the session, if it's newborn photoshoot 

*The customer shall feed the baby a full feeding right before the session

and shall keep the baby awake for one or more hours before the session.

*The baby shall be fed immediately at the beginning of the session or just prior to arrival.

*The baby must be dressed in loose-fitting clothing for ease of changes for portraits.

*The customer shall bring at least two bottles for feeding or supplies for nursing. If a

pacifier or soother is required, the customer shall supply those items.

What to do before the session, if it's smash cake photoshoot for 1 year old

***At the comfort of your home

* The customer should make the baby sleep, before the photoshoot and wakes the baby the 15 minutes before our arrival.

* The customer should shower the baby, and feed the baby on the time of our arrival.

*** At studio or outdoor

The customer should bring milk, towel, food, water and change of clothes for the session

**For the studio photoshoots you do have the full option of choosing from a diverse range of outfits, themes & props.

**At the comfort of your home, we will be bring your selection of the themes & clothes due to transportation limits.

Studio Arrival Time:

In the event that the client is late to their session, no extra time will be provided. Please arrive on time! It is to your advantage to be on time and ready to start the session.

Customers arriving more than 30 minutes late will be asked to reschedule, and the one hundred 100 AED rescheduling fee will be applied.

Session Terms:

Due to the situation of Covid, only those being photographed will be present during the session.

Receiving the photos:

*All original photos will be sent within 24 hours from the photoshoot to select for the editing.

*The selection of the edited photos should be done within one month.

*Edited photos (selection, color correction, lighting, skin & body adjustments) will be sent to the customer after 15 days.

*For any printed products such as albums and photos, the delivery time will be within 30 days from the day client selected the images for printing.


* Booking fees are 20 per cent of the amount agreed on, and it will be paid via bank transfer before the photoshoot.

* For home service, the transportation fees should be paid fully and 20 per cent of the value of the session should be paid in advance, and it will be paid via bank transfer before the photoshoot.

*The remain of the session fee must be paid in full at the time of the photo session is finished.

*Acceptable forms of payment include cash and bank transfer.


Mohastudio does not offer re-shoots for any of the following reasons: dissatisfaction with the clothing/styles, facial expressions, wind, or other items beyond our control (This includes baby's behavior).

Cancellation Policy:

*All session fees are non-refundable.

*Mohastudio reserves the right to reschedule the session as necessary due to weather, extenuating circumstances, or emergencies.

*Forty-eight hours (48) notice of postponements or cancellations is appreciated.

*Customer can reschedule one time, after which the customer must pay an additional retainer fee of two hundred dirhams (200 AED) to reschedule for a second time.

*The customer understands their session fee will not be refunded under any circumstance whether it be the fault of the photographer or customer but can be used towards another session or service.

* If customer decided to stop the session for any reason, customer should pay the session fees fully.


*All edits are at the discretion and creative control of the photographer.

*Each photo is rendered carefully to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection.

General Terms & Conditions:

* Mohastudio reserves the right to use images created under this contract for advertising, display, publication, or other purposes online and in print.

*Digital files and previews remain the exclusive property of the Photographer. If for any reason, the Client would like to keep the session private.

* Mohastudio will respect the not giving consent of non sharing, if the customer states this clearly in writing.