Twins photoshoot

Twins photoshoot

Taking more than 25 photos in three themes (the theme is: background + wear) 

Print 10 palm size photos and 2 A4 size photos 

USB flash-processed images are attached 

We have high-end imported clothes and accessories for girls and boys 

Price: 2900 AED

 * The price of the session offered is for twins, if they are three, the third is an increase of 500 over the price of the package,

 in the event that parents or brothers want to photograph with the child, this is an additional price, one theme only, and an unlimited number of photos. 

Mother: 300 AED

Father: 300 AED

 Brothers: 500 AED per child 

When you want to increase the theme (background + dress), an increase of 200 AED will be given to the price of the package

 When you want to print a thermal album (size 20 * 20), that will be an increase of 550 AED on the price of the package